Marry Me Sparks

Danny Lovelock (guitar & vocals) is perpetually barefoot and unwashed, Natalee Fera (bass & vocals) leaves lipstick on the milk carton, and Kenny Dietrich (drums) doesn’t like to wear clothes.  Influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, Eric Clapton, and classic rock, blues, and punk, this Vancouver three piece stops at nothing to entertain at every show, off and on the stage.
The product of an ambush set-up, Marry Me brings together three artists from completely different musical backgrounds (punk, musical theatre, and metal).
It all started when Danny (the punk) thought that “Marry Me” would be a great name for a guy-girl band, and soon after, met Natalee (the musical theatre buff and high school teacher) one lucky evening. The two then met Kenny (the metalhead), who was in school for audio engineering at Pacific Audio Visual Institute with Danny. After only 3 months together as Marry Me, they won first place at Supernova’s Battle of the Bands. They are constantly playing all over at Vancouver’s main music spots and set out on tour in BC and Alberta over the summer of 2013, followed by a 25-date North American Tour in the summer of 2014. The Marry Me sound is blues-punk-rock, from the sexy, grooving “Feeling”, to “Ignite”, which makes you want to PARTY, and from “Rude”, the grindy, blues jam,  to “The Bailiff”, irresistible retro pop! Their full-length LP (June 2014) features “Sexy & Suffering”, straightforward, strut-worthy rock&roll.

Says producer Travis Saunders: “Marry Me is a band to watch out for. With their innovative style, aggressive guitars and slamming drums layered with melodic vocal harmonies that bring meaning to the word ‘catchy’, anyone who listens to this album should consider themselves lucky”.